Concept of Participatory Medicine

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Write 500 words in an essay style to respond to the following question:
The heart of patient-provider communication is the concept of participatory medicine or shared
decision making. Discuss the concept of patient empowerment through digital technologies and
provide 2 examples of solutions/apps/software used for patient empowerment and engagement.
Support your writings by at least 2 references (APA style)
You must use the attached cover page on your submission.
Proper formatting, correct referencing and cover page will carry a mark

If the valid plagiarism ratio is above 80% the student will get zero mark without a second chance
unless it is his first attempt among all courses. The college has a database of previous plagiarism
If less than 80% you will be marked based on the ratio of text that does not include plagiarism.
For example, if your valid plagiarism ratio 50% your assignment will be graded out of 5 points
instead of 10, with no chance of resubmitting the assignment.
You will not be able to submit any assignment after the deadline under any circumstances.
C. Grading Criteria:
Grading will be based on the depth and accuracy of your answer. The following points will be
used to assess this assignment. Please familiarize yourself with it and do not hesitate to refer
back to it before, during, and after composing your answer.
Quality of the Content
Depth of Analysis
Style and Organization
Provided the required writing style (Essay, Report etc.) Plus the layout is organize, the file mane
include the student name and Student ID (Metadata).



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