The Application of Data to Problem-Solving

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Discussion -The Application of Data to Problem-Solving

In the modern era, there are few professions that do not to some extent rely on data. Stockbrokers
rely on market data to advise clients on financial matters. Meteorologists rely on weather data to
forecast weather conditions, while realtors rely on data to advise on the purchase and sale of
property. In these and other cases, data not only helps solve problems, but adds to the
practitioner’s and the discipline’s body of knowledge.
Of course, the nursing profession also relies heavily on data. The field of nursing informatics
aims to make sure nurses have access to the appropriate date to solve healthcare problems, make
decisions in the interest of patients, and add to knowledge.
In this Discussion, you will consider a scenario that would benefit from access to data and how
such access could facilitate both problem-solving and knowledge formation.


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