Literature Paper Assignment Details

A literature review aims to highlight the current state of knowledge regarding a topic under
study. Literature reviews are comprised of secondary sources and as such do not report any new
or original experimental work. The main purpose of a literature review is to situate the current
study within the body of literature and to provide context for the reader. A literature review is not

a summary but a synthesis of the material you have read. In this course the purpose of the
literature review is to answer a significant clinical question.
Your paper needs to follow the following criteria:
Choose a problem faced by clients in your practice area that you think is important and would
like to learn more about.
Use your knowledge of PICO to develop a well-build narrow clinical question. For example: In
adult patients with total hip replacements (P), how effective is pain medication (I) compared to
aerobic stretching (C) in controlling post-operative pain (O)? (The development of the PICO
question should not be including in the paper).
Write a five (5) page literature review paper on the standing knowledge of the chosen
Include a minimum of five (5) journal articles, at least three (3) from nursing journals.
However, make sure that the (5) journals are the one’s analyzed and synthesized in the
results and discussion sections.
The body of the paper should be made of the following titled sections: Title (introduction),
Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion.
Provide a specific and concise tentative title for your literature review paper (You may use the
results or at least the variables in the title).
Abstract is not required

Include a 1-page introduction of your topic (background information), the focus/aim of your
review. The introduction should include a statement of the problem, briefly explain the
significance of your topic study, and act to introduce the reader to your definitions and
background. Must include your main statement (i.e., the purpose of this review is… {PICO
The method section should include sources, databases, keywords, inclusion/exclusion criteria,
and other information that establish credibility to your paper.
The results should summarize the findings of studies that have been conducted on your topic. For
each study you should briefly explain its purpose, procedure for data collection and major
findings. This is the section where you will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of studies.

The discussion should be like a conclusion portion of an essay paper. It serves as a summary of
the body of your literature review and should highlight the most important findings. Your
analysis should help you to draw conclusions. In this section you would discussion any
consensus or disagreement on the topic. It can also include any strengths and weaknesses in
general of the research area. If you believe there is more to research, you may include that here.

Finally, you will need to conclude your paper. At this point you have put substantial effort into
your paper. Close this chapter with a summary of the paper, major findings and any major
recommendation for the profession.
In general, your paper should show a sense of direction and contain a definite central idea
supported with evidence. The writing should be logical, and the ideas should be linked together
in a logical sequence. The ideas need to be put together clearly to the writer and to the reader.


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