Health and Medical Investing

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Health and Medical Investing in Quality Improvement Paper
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working on a health and medical discussion question and need an explanation and answer to
help me learn.
Read Chapter 3 in Ross, T. K. (2014). Health care quality management: tools and applications.
San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Read pages 3-5 in U. S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and
Services Administration (2011). “Developing and implementing a QI plan.” Retrieved
Watch QIO Program (2014, May 7). Logic model. Retrieved

Watch QIO Program (2014, Jun 30). Failure Mode Effects Analysis. Retrieved
Watch QIO Program (2014, Jul 16). Root Cause Analysis. Retrieved
First contrast the differences between medical and economic decision making. Then describe the
conditions that must be present for a health care provider to receive a positive return on
investment in quality improvement.
Then consider how incentives for reimbursement of services can impact some of the decisions
that are made in health care delivery that may impact the quality of health care services. After
completing your readings and watching this week’s videos, what types of incentives can arise
under different reimbursement systems and how could these incentives effect the quality of care.


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