Community and Diversion Programs

Community and Diversion Programs Assignment Details

Proposal for Researched Argument Essay
Please respond to the following question in a page or two. Also, remember that your topic must
be derived from the subject areas discussed throughout the course. Finally, number your answers.
Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity
Research Question: What is the question that you will be trying to answer in your research?

Background: Explain your interest in and experience with this issue. What have you already read
about it? What made you choose it for your paper? Why are you interested in it?
Significance: Why is this issue worth considering? What makes it important enough to pursue for
this class? What do you hope to learn from it?
Sources/Evidence: What kinds of sources and evidence do you anticipate you will need to use to
support your thesis? Be as specific as possible.
Questions or Concerns: What questions or concerns do you have for me at this time about the
research process?


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