Communicating Pricing to Patients

Communicating Pricing to Patients Assignment Details

Week 6 Discussion – Responsibility
Who’s responsibility is it to communicate pricing to patients (hospitals, government, insurance
companies, physicians, others)?

Read: Play Week 6 Overview PowerPoint ALEXANDER, SHERI. " Next Steps And New Tools:
Transparency And Reference-Based Pricing." Employee Benefit Plan Review 68.5 (2013): 20-
21. in Course Resources>eReserves Lambert Paul. Haggard, Mary, “Develop your distribution
strategy”, Managed Healthcare Executive. May 15, 2013.  Available online at:
Online Text:  Core Concepts in Marketing —
content/uploads/2012/11/Core-Concepts-of-Marketing.pdfChapter 9, “Pricing the
product”Chapter 10, “Channel concepts, distributing the product”


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