Non-Profit Orgs and Community Health-Term Paper Assignment

Term Paper Assignment

 “Non-Profit Orgs and Community Health”

 In this assignment you will identify a non-profit org or group, such as a community based organization (CBO) that serves a particular community in NYC, such as a community that you identify, and who’s main focus or mission is to improve or promote the health of the population, neighborhood or community that they serve. This could be a non-for-profit (501c3) organization, a civic group, a quasi-government organization, or a Faith-Based Org (FBO).  We will review and discuss in class to explore these groups and other possible options for the subject of your paper, so you are perfectly clear as to what you may or may not choose as a topic for this assignment.

You should follow the outline below to present your discussion of the scope, mission and accomplishment of your CBO/Civic/FBO, in order to receive maximum credit for this assignment. Also, please adhere to the format at the end of these instructions.

Paper Outline: please follow the outline below closely, each part weighted individually 25%

  1. (25%) Organization: First, identity your CBO of your choosing, describe its history, founding, and the purpose of its existence. State the CBOs mission and list all or several of their key objectives. What is the source of their funding stream? Are they partnered with other gov’t or non-gov’t or private non-profit grantee as a source of funding? How do they accomplish their objectives? For example, through policy development, community activism or protest, or through offering direct health or social services or referral services?  What is the scale and scope of their operation(s) or interventions? Do they have several health, social and other entitlement services?
  2. (25%) Community Involvement: Describe in detail their involvement in the community, what is their target population and discuss the justification for their particular target population. What assessment of the community have they done or what data do they use to justify their activities and involvement with this target population? Also describe in detail their activities, direct services, political activism, etc.
  3. (25%) Interview: it is required that you arrange an interview with their chief operating officers, executive director, or a program director or outreach worker/volunteer to discuss the organization, their involvement in the community, the organization’s accomplishments, and the prospects for the future and vision of their work.
  4. (25%) Your Assessment: Next you may list and comment about your observations or offer your assessment of your selected CBO/Civic/FBO: do you think their mission, goals, and objectives are reasonable and obtainable?  Do you think their methodology is working or effective?  Would you do anything different than what they are doing? or do something additional to achieve their goals?  Final thoughts and conclusion? 

Paper Format (Please follow carefully)

Paper should be 4-6 pages typed, double spaced, one-inch margins all around, 11 or 12 -point standard font (Times New Roman or equivalent).  Please do not place your paper in binders or folders; a simple cover page with your name, course name, title of your paper, etc., and stapled in the upper left-hand corner will do.

Reference citation should be APA (author, date) style Only, exact quotes in quotation marks, and an alphabetized list of References should be included at the end of your paper.   The APA style format manual is available in the LIU Library Learning Center and also online.  A list of References should be included in your report.

 Presentation (Optional)

Be prepared to give a brief presentation (3 to 5minutes) about your research paper and findings to the class as part of this assignment and your course grade.  You may choose any presentation format (except reading your paper verbatim), but try to keep it 5 minutes or less.

Check the syllabus for the due date and schedule for presentations.

Submission and Due Date

A Term Paper Drop Box has been created on the course website in BlackBoard to submit your paper in one of the appropriate electronic formats, Word .doc, Adobe .pdf, etc.  Please check the syllabus for the due date and submit your paper in electronic format in the Drop Box on or before the due date.

Grading Rubric

Submission of topic, brief synopsis    Part A in Paper Outline ……..5pts

Paper Content, Format, Originality    Parts B, C, D in Outline ……20pts

Class presentation (3 to 5 minutes)    Optional Extra credit ………0-5pts


Total                                                                                                 25pts + extra credit

List of Resources below is a list of websites that might be helpful in searching for a CBO, NGO or FBO in NYC that is of interest to you and meets the criteria for the term paper assignment:

NYC Service  ( website that is a clearing house of volunteer orgs that offer opts for people seeking volunteer work in various fields, medical, education, health, environmental, etc.

  • NYCARES  Exhaustive list of volunteer and CBOs in NYC metro area, good search engine to filter by area if interest and location.
  • New York Association for Volunteer Administrators  good list of local NYC based volunteer organizations that work on local and citywide issues.  List if orgs is small but very relevant to our topic.


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