Week 4 Assignment Questions

Assignment Directions

Click on Week 1 Assignment Questions to access the page to submit your assignment. Click on Course Resources to access the individual cases. Read the individual cases and answer each questions according to the court case results. Answers must comply with the case law for full credit.

Week 4 Assignment Questions

Applicable cases are located in Course Resources.

1.  Threats to bomb a school or public building are damaging, even if the threat is a hoax. As a result, most states make it a crime to make a bomb threat against a public place or building, even if the person making the threat does not intend to carry out the threat. The mens rea requirement under these statutes is typically “knowingly” making the threat with the intent to cause alarm. Does a call from an inmate at a mental institution to a 911 operator stating bombs have been hidden at an airport violate this statute? See State v. Ballew, 272 P.3d 925 (Wash. App. 2012).

2. What must a defendant do to constitute illegally “bringing” an alien into the United States? Is it enough to give the illegal alien fraudulent documents that are used to get through passport checks? What did the court in United States v. Garcia-Paulin, 627 F.3d 127 (5th Cir. 2010) say was required?

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Question 1

Even if the threat turns out to be a hoax, making bomb threats against a school or other public building is extremely harmful. As a consequence of this, the majority of states have made it a crime to make a bomb threat against a public place or building. This is the case even if the person making the threat has no intention of following through with the threat. According to these statutes, the mens rea requirement is typically defined as the act of “knowingly” making the threat with the intention to cause alarm.

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