Types of Legal Practice in Canada

Homework Instructions

1. What is the fundamental freedoms under the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms?


2. What are the various types of legal practice in Canada?

3. What is the difference between civil and criminal laws in Canada?

4. Discuss a recent case of when the federal government exceeded its authority over Covid regulations.

5. What is the right to equality? 6. How does the legal system balance the individual vs societal interests?

Sample Answer


CRJ 101

University of Wales

Dr. Redriv

Canada Justice System

The legal system in Canada is a hybrid of civil law and common law. Common law is the primary component. The Canadian legal system is jointly the responsibility of the federal government, as well as the governments of the provinces and territories.

The superior courts, also known as high courts, are located in each province, and their judges are appointed and compensated by the federal government. In addition, Parliament has the power to set up other courts, including a general court of appeal. It is responsible for the establishment of the Tax Court in addition to the Federal Court, the Federal Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada in Canada.

Additionally, the method followed in courts that hear criminal matters is solely under the jurisdiction of Parliament. The jurisdiction of the federal government over criminal law and procedure ensures that illegal behavior is dealt with in a manner that is both fair and consistent across the country.

In their respective territories, the provinces are responsible for administering the justice system. This involves the organization and maintenance of civil and criminal provincial courts, as well as the administration of civil procedure in those courts.

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