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Create a policy on how to prevent that violation of the ARTICLE 1 which states that Article 1: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

The policy proposed must include the following components:

I. Title

    Title of your policy, usually it’s a short sentence that encompasses the entirety         of the policy

II. Principles, Values, and Philosophies

    Underlying principles and philosophies you may include a background of the        human right you chose or even how it is suppressed by the use/misuse of S&T 

Assignment Guideline

In order to achieve the goal that every human being should be able to fully enjoy their human rights, it follows that no one should be made to endure having those rights violated. Therefore, the United Nations places a significant emphasis on the prevention of violations of human rights as a central component of its efforts to protect and promote human rights for all people.
The human rights system of the United Nations, which consists of the various treaties, bodies, and mechanisms that have been established over the years to promote human rights, has the overarching goal of either preventing human rights violations from happening in the first place or, in the event that violations do take place, addressing the causes of those violations in order to prevent them from happening again in the future. The foundation of the system is made up of three interdependent parts that together make up the core of the approach that the United Nations takes toward human rights:
Norms or standards: International human rights standards, which come in the form of international treaties and other legal instruments, and which lay out the minimum standards for human rights protection that each state should strive to achieve;
Monitoring and reporting are defined as the following: the objective collection of information that can be independently verified in order to evaluate the situation on the ground, determine whether the minimum standards are being met, or measure progress toward the realization of human rights for all individuals
Technical cooperation entails the development of solutions to address the issues and concerns uncovered through human rights monitoring and the implementation of measures to guarantee that human rights are respected, protected, and fully realized.

Sample Answer

Human Rights Policy


University of the People

CRJ 202

Dr. Melba


Title of policy: Protect Human Rights

Our prior commitments to respect human rights are outlined with greater clarity thanks to the new policy, which includes the following examples:

Concerning the protection of the civil and political rights of members of vulnerable groups who are more likely to experience violations of their rights, such as women, members of national or ethnic minorities, members of religious and linguistic minorities, children, members of the LGBT+ community, persons with disabilities, and migrant workers and their families.
A commitment to the core conventions of the International Labor Organization, including support for the elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labor, the effective abolition of child labor, and the elimination of discrimination in regard to employment and occupation.

Important issues pertaining to human rights, such as water rights, land rights, mechanisms for redressing grievances, and protections for freedom of speech, including those afforded to human rights activists, are all addressed by the policy. Take, for instance:

Preventing the forced relocation of communities and/or individuals when at all possible.
ensuring that everyone, including our workers, our contractors, and the communities in which we operate, has the opportunity to exercise their rights to water and sanitation, and respecting those rights.
Provision for a more effective access to remedy, for example, through operational-level mechanisms such as the BP speak-up line OpenTalk and our network of community liaison officers.

Stronger measures to support making appropriate grievance mechanisms available to our workforce and local communities.
Reiterating that BP does not condone or contribute to attacks, physical or legal threats, or other forms of intimidation against individuals who safely and lawfully exercise their rights to freedom of expression, peaceful protest, or assembly in relation to our activities, including situations in which they are acting as human rights defenders (HRDs).

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