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Take a look at the two articles (Legalization and Let it grow). If those are primary research sources, they will only report information but not provided any conclusions (like “marijuana should be legalized”). If it does offer a thesis statement and a conclusion– if it is a persuasive or argumentative essay– then it is a secondary research source. Does either of those articles make an argument one way or the other?

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CRJ 103

University of Melbourne

Dr. Janis


Let it grow—the open market solution to marijuana control

This commentary provides an analysis of potential regulatory frameworks for the legalization of marijuana production, sales, and use. To be more specific, we argue that the primary objective of marijuana legalization should be the elimination of the illegal trade in marijuana and that the best way to achieve this objective is to maximize market participation through open markets and personal cultivation.

This argument is predicated on the assertion that regulatory models that are based on a government market that is tightly controlled will fail due to the fact that they replicate the fatal flaws that are present in the model of prohibition. This commentary makes the argument that an investigation into the reasons for the failure of prohibition—specifically, the inability of the government to control the production of marijuana—completely undermines the fundamental premise of a tightly controlled market, which is dependent on the ability of the government to control production.

Specifically, the author of this commentary cites the inability of the government to control the production of marijuana as the primary reason for the failure of prohibition. An efficient regulatory framework that acknowledges and makes use of the competitive market forces would be of greater benefit to the general public and would serve the public interest more effectively.

This analysis argues that eliminating an illegal market that is oversaturated with capital is necessary in order to reduce the number of teenagers who have access to marijuana. In addition, it claims that this objective and the maximization of tax revenue from a market for legal marijuana cannot both be achieved at the same time because they are incompatible goals.

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