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You have an interview for a clerkship with Judge Marcia Cooke of the Southern District of Florida. In preparation for the interview, you would like to learn a bit about Judge Cooke’s activities on the bench.  Using the various legal analytics tools, answer the following questions:

1- In 2018, how many of Judge Cooke’s decisions were appealed, and how many of those were affirmed on appeal?

2- Of those appealed in 2018, the category of case most appealed was?

3- Prior to joining the federal bench in 2004, Judge Cooke’s most recent previous work was where?

Sample Answer


Florida University

CRJ 202

Dr. Fedinand

Judge Cooke

Marcia G. Cooke was born and raised in the city of Detroit in the state of Michigan. Judge Cooke is a seasoned litigator and attorney who has worked in a variety of capacities within the public sector. He currently serves as a judge. She worked as an assistant prosecutor for Miami-Dade County in the years leading up to her appointment to the federal bench. She acted as Miami-Dade County’s legal representative in a wide range of subjects, including litigation on behalf of the Housing Agency and defensive tort action.

In addition to his time spent on the bench, Judge Cooke has also held the position of Chief Inspector General for the state of Florida. In 1999, Governor Jeb Bush selected Judge Cooke for the bench. The Chief Inspector General is the person in charge of ensuring that the agencies that fall under the purview of the Executive Office of the Governor adhere to the highest standards of accountability, honesty, efficiency, and ethical conduct.


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