Infection Hazards

Case Study Overview

An elderly resident was eating snacks in the dining room when he started feeling sick and then vomited. Upon seeing this, you and a co-worker quickly approached the resident for assistance. Your co-worker offered to accompany him to the toilet, and asked if you could clean the area.

On the table, you saw there was leftover on the plate. There was vomit all over it, and the vomit contained some blood. The utensils, a fork and a knife, were also contaminated.

A glass was tipped over which caused a water spill. There was also a bit of vomit on the floor.

Your role as an individual support is to complete the tasks in this practical assessment based on the context provided. You are also expected to act in accordance with professional practice standards, codes and guidelines at all times. You may refer to infection Prevention and Control Policies and Handbook.

Additional precautions must be observed since the resident might have an infectious disease.

Task 1 Identifying infection Hazards.

Provide your responses in the spaces for each question below:

Identify two (2) infection hazards associated with your work environment

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University of Wales

CRJ 101

Dr. Meltone


Infection Hazards

When pathogens (also known as “bugs”) like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, or fungi enter or become attached to the body, this can lead to an infection. Because it may take some time before the microbes multiply to the point where they cause symptoms of illness, an infected person may spread the disease without their knowledge during the incubation period. The goal of infection control in the workplace is to eliminate the possibility of a person becoming infected with a disease-causing agent in the first place. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 2004, employers have a legal obligation to provide a safe working environment for their employees. This obligation requires that employers provide adequate infection control procedures, as well as the appropriate equipment and training.



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