Week 4 Disasters | Hazards and Threats Activity 

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Students are to read the articles below and complete the attached activity. When completed the student will upload and submit their work into Week 4 Disasters, Hazards and Threats Activity

Each public/private sector component must be involved in assessing possible events such as man-made or natural hazards that may strike an operation. Thus, it is very important that all potential threats and hazards be identified, for a given situation.

Consider the following:

Natural Disasters – What are the potential threats and hazards that can be identified regarding Tornadoes, floods, winter storms, earthquakes, and power outages.

Man-made Disasters – What are the potential threats and hazards that can be identified regarding a terrorist attack, workplace violence, or an explosion, bombing, or accident?

Since you know the difference between the two types of disasters, what are the considerations pertaining to hazards and threats, target vulnerability, the response of private and public security regarding these two types of disasters? Additionally, after such a disaster, what are the considerations regarding probability and uncertainty going forward?

After reading the two articles below, about Hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma City Bombing, complete the chart on the following pages comparing the risk in each event. Activity responses are to be in full sentences, two-three sentences per response and contain well written grammar and spelling. When done, you will name, save the document and submit this page, uploading into the Week 4 of Blackboard.

Hurricane Sandy

Click here to view: Hurricane Sandy Fast Facts

Click here to view: After Hurricane Sandy: Time to Learn and Implement the Lessons in Preparedness, Response, and Resilience

Oklahoma City Bombing
Click here to view: Oklahoma City Bombing Fast Facts

Sample Essay

RJU135 – Disasters, Hazards, and Threats Activity
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A definition of the hazards, the threats, and the contributors.

A contributor is defined as a person or thing that contributes, in particular, while a hazard is a danger or risk. A threat is a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone as revenge for something done or not done.
A situation in which one is exposed to peril is what is meant when we talk about risk. The distinctions between risks, dangers, and potential threats.

 Investigate and talk about the ways in which all three are connected to one another.

Something that presents a risk of injury or death is referred to as a hazard. When someone uses words toward another person with the intent to cause them pain, destroy something, or inflict pain on themselves, that is a threat. Someone or something that gives to another endeavor is known as a contributor.

Both a hazard and a threat are examples of negative risks that serve the purpose of warning someone that they are in danger or that danger may occur. This is the connection between the two. Something that contributes to the situation is referred to as a contributor. It seems as though somebody or something is contributing to the current predicament.

Give a definition of the term risk.

Analyze the differences and similarities between the various risk factors, such as hazards, threats, and contributors. The definition of the term risk is comparable to that of the term hazard. Despite the fact that you are aware of the risks involved, despite the fact that something potentially negative could occur, you are still willing to take the chance.

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