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Research, discuss and analyze an immigration policy from another country. After discussing and analyzing the immigration policy from the other country, compare and contrast it with a United States immigration policy. Some questions to ponder while researching this discussion board: What is the policy? Whom does it impact? Whom does it benefit? Whom does it hinder? Who is the author of the policy? What is this policy for, what does it do? What are the policy goals?

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Immigration Policy


SOC 202

Dr. Malick



Over the course of the past half century, Canada has earned a reputation for being a country that values multiculturalism and immigration. One of the highest ratios among industrialized Western countries, approximately one fifth of Canada’s population is made up of persons who were born in another country. Both economic expansion and the slowing of the population growth caused by aging have been assisted along by immigration.

In recent years, Canada has become an even more attractive destination for immigrants as the United States, under the leadership of President Donald Trump, has significantly reduced several immigration programs, including those for refugees, asylum seekers, and temporary workers. This has caused the United States to become an even less desirable location for immigrants. However, travel limitations imposed as a result of the pandemic, in conjunction with President Joe Biden’s efforts to alter the immigration policy of the United States and increase the yearly refugee cap, may result in a decrease in the number of persons looking to relocate to Canada.


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