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1. Write Cornell notes after reading materials, Cornell Notes are designed to engage critical thinking, analysis, and synthesis. Use uploaded ‘Cornell Notes Template.doc’ to write.

Reading for Chapter 3: pg 130 to 143

Reading for Chapter 4: pg 145 to 162

2. No less than 350 words for each notes.

3. All WRITING, IDEAS, and INFORMATION used in your assignments that come from journal articles, the Internet, textbooks, etc. must be properly cited.

Course for Sociology of Race/Ethnicity, Class, and Gender. 

Sample Answer

Cornell Notes


SOC 101

University of Columbia

Dr. Johanes



Cornell Notes #











Main Ideas: review, clarify & synthesize notes to just the main points/most important aspects

Student Name:



Specific Assigned Reading or Film Title:



Author’s Last Name, Chapter, and Page numbers:






Notes: write and review main notes / bulk of notes.

Summary: A brief breakdown of the notes from the right column which includes an analysis of what you read and your own ideas about the theories, concepts, and/or points made.  The summary must be at least one paragraph.
1)      an analysis of what is being summarized:




2)      own ideas about the points made in the summary:



Complete Answer:

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