Writing a Proposal on Gender Equality

You are working on supporting gender equality in your community or culture. You are writing a proposal that will focus on gender equality because it is an important development (and human rights) issue. Create a developmental proposal (for example, cultural and diversity programs, diversity mentoring, and outreach programs) that will focus on building greater gender equality.


Your proposal should help to increase awareness of inequalities, offer constructive solutions, and enable all genders to have a voice in the initiative.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word proposal that includes or does the following:

Section 1: Initiative Overview States the community or culture you hope to influence States the mission, vision, and program objectives

Section 2: Visibility, Awareness, and Participation Develops appropriate awareness-raising tools to stimulate broad interest Develops a communication strategy that leverages national and local-level education and culturally sensitive activities Section

3: Funding Strategy that Promotes Cultural Diversity Describes your funding strategies Explains how funding strategies promote diversity of cultural expressions Discusses measurable outcomes of the funding strategies ([Please Do Not Quote no one

Sample Paper on Gender Equality Proposal


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