Discussion Assignment | Week 7 Health Care Policy

Health Care Policy Assignment Instruction Details

In this week’s media presentation, Dr. Trautman, Dr. Wakefield, and Ms. Coyle discuss how public policies initiated at the national or state level ultimately influence what occurs at the institutional and local level of nursing practice and health care delivery. Health care policy usually is developed to address health care cost, quality, or access, or a combination of the three. Due to the nature of their interaction with patients, nurses are well situated to be effective, knowledgeable advocates for their patients.

In this week’s Discussion, you will examine how current policies impact how you as a nurse provide health care. You will then select an issue of interest and determine how you could advocate for policy in that area.

Please include at least 2 APA references

Solution Example (APA)

Health Care Policy


Grand Canyon University

NURS 6050



It is possible for health policy to have a significant effect on both health and well-being. The Healthy People 2030 initiative has as its primary goal the promotion of legislation and policies at the local, state, territorial, and federal levels that will keep people safe and healthy.

Health policies that are based on evidence can be beneficial in preventing disease and promoting health. For instance, smoke-free policies can assist prevent people from starting to smoke and boost the number of those who try to quit. Oral health can also be improved through the implementation of regulations that mandate fluoridation of the water supplied by community water systems. Patient Care Policies

The protocols and processes for treatment operations are outlined in patient care policies, which also provide guidance on how medical personnel should respond to a variety of unique medical conditions. Naturally, the policies of your facility need to be adapted to reflect the care that is offered there. For instance, a cancer center and a center for rehabilitative medicine would each have its own unique patient care policies because the treatment regimens for the two types of centers are so drastically different from one another.

Policies Regarding the Health of Employees

When it comes to the successful operation of a facility, the well-being of the staff members is one of the most important factors to consider. This is because personnel must be able to provide care for patients in a manner that is both safe and without risk to their own health.

The consumption of alcohol and tobacco in the workplace, the wearing of masks and gloves to minimize the risk of exposure to illnesses and chemicals, and wellness policies such as time off and healthy eating are all examples of policies that are designed to protect and promote employee health. Other policies that are designed to protect and promote employee health include:

Drug Policies

The policies regarding drugs detail the procedures that should be followed while handling and dispensing medications, regardless of whether the medication is available without a prescription, is controlled, or is not controlled. Protocols for recording, handling, and administering each medicine may fall under this category. 3 In addition, drug policies outline procedures to follow in the event that inventory is misplaced, medication is erroneously supplied or prescribed, or any other type of error relating to drug handling takes place.


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