Medicare Prescriptions Drugs


  • Why it is so important currently in the United States?
  • What is the major policy issue? Not just whether it addresses access, cost, or quality, but describe the policy itself.
  • How does this issue impact spending in public and private health insurance programs, job-based health insurance benefits, and health plan performance?
  • Who are the major stakeholders (interested parties)?
  • Why this is an important issue ?

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Medicare Prescription Drug



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Everyone who has Medicare is eligible for the prescription drug coverage that Medicare provides. If you decide not to enroll in a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) when you are first eligible for Medicare and you do not have other creditable prescription drug coverage, or if you do not get Extra Help, you will most likely be required to pay a late enrollment penalty. This penalty is calculated based on how long it has been since your initial Medicare eligibility date.

In order to be eligible for Medicare’s prescription medication coverage, you must enroll in a plan that is administered by an insurance provider or another type of private company that is recognized by Medicare. The price of each plan can differ, as can the pharmaceuticals it covers.

There are two routes to take in order to obtain drug coverage:

    1. A Prescription Drug Plan for Medicare Beneficiaries (Part D)
    2. A Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), often known as an HMO or PPO, or another Medicare health plan that is comparable to Medicare and provides coverage for Medicare prescription drugs.

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