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Thesis: Clausewitz’s theories on paradoxical trinity, principles of war, and strategic theory have influenced the modern war military strategy and war rational, especially in small and large scale combat operations.

2. Include: The Theory of Paradoxical trinity, Principle of War, and Strategy Theory. theory of Applied Strategy

3. Include doctrine. battle and policy

4. Strong conclusion of all these

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Strategic Theory

Clausewitz strategic theory begins with the notion that all battles throughout history contain certain basic traits; for example, the nature of war itself does not vary, although warfare, or how wars are waged, is always changing. Clausewitz’s General Theory of War refers to the element of Clausewitz theory that applies to all wars.

Much of Clausewitz’s book On War also relates to both war and warfare in the context of his time, producing an early 19th Century warfare theory distinct from the General Theory. Nonetheless, warfare has definitely altered much since Clausewitz’s time. As a result, one of the more perplexing aspects of reading On War is that Clausewitz’s multiple types of theory are somewhat mixed together; that is, his dialectical approach includes not just a study of the extremes of his conceptions, but also a mixing of several types of theory.

Clausewitzian strategic theory has two primary applications: military history analysis and war planning framework. Future prediction is not truly part of the bargain, as it seeks to explain how specific military historical events develop and lead to strategic and political consequences.

Despite this, the relationship between the proclaimed political purpose and the military aim/means available, as well as the character of the two sides, the personalities of the leadership, and allied forces, can assist provide a clear indicator of how events will unfold. This characteristic can be distinguished in certain circumstances, such as when the political goal – for example, imposing a new political identity on the conquered political community – is so radical that the military resources required to achieve it are almost incalculable, resulting in strategic dysfunction. The political goal must be consistent with the methods.

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