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Complete all required readings prior to working on this assignment.

Address the following in a 5-6 page paper:

Discuss the development of American policing from the mid-1800s to the present day.

Compare and contrast the three levels of law enforcement (local, state, and federal) that have developed.

Select any two of the persons listed below and one of the Acts or Commissions listed and discuss the impact that the persons and the Acts/Commission had on American policing during this period.

People– Select any two from the following: O.W. Wilson, Sir Robert Peel, Henry Fielding, August Vollmer, and John Edgar Hoover.

Acts/Commissions– Select any one of the following: Volstead Act, Wickersham Commission, Pendleton Act, KeFauver Committee, and Knapp Commission

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Majority of individuals assume that law enforcement officers spend their days performing an aggressive role. People have the misconception that law enforcement agents participate in gun battles, hunt down criminals, and stop violent crimes. This is due to the fact that people are influenced by what they see in movies as well as how actors portray them on stage. According to Dempsey, there have been 12.4 million arrests made, but more than 500,000 of them were just for violent offenses. This is according to the most recent statistics (Dempsey, 2018).

There are two primary roles, and they are the role of fighting crime and the function of maintaining order in the community. According to the John et al., (2018), the definition of the American policing is the role of the police that stresses crime fighting or law enforcement. Because of movies and social media, many people have the misconception that the primary responsibility of the average police officer is to combat criminal activity. The idea that the police are out following robbers and engaging in high-speed automobile chases is one of the roles that the police play in fighting crime

Pop culture portrays police officers, in large part, as expert investigators who are laser-focused on locating the worst of the worst: drug kingpins, serial murders, and child kidnappers” (Vitale, 2020). The function of maintaining order is also an important one to play in this scenario. This function was described by Dempsey as “A primary view of the duty of the police that emphasizes maintaining peace and providing social services” (Dempsey, 2018).

Because of this duty, their job include more social calls, which include preserving the peace and ensuring that order is maintained in the neighborhood. This function can be as straightforward as mediating a disagreement between family members or as complex as looking into a break-in. Officers of the law who respond to calls about nonviolent crimes are the ones who fill the order maintenance function.

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