Homelessness and Sociological Perspective

Choose a current event that, given the ideas you’ve learned in this class, you think might benefit from being looked at in sociological perspective. Prepare a report discussing the following:

• What about this event do you believe is sociologically relevant? Why could it benefit from being understood through a sociological lens? What assumptions do people make about it that sociology can inform (or change)?

What does sociology bring to the table that differs from people’s everyday social and cultural assumptions?

• Apply at least one sociological theory to the event. In doing so, discuss how you think this theory would interpret the event. You can use any appropriate sociological theory of which you have knowledge, but you may want to choose from the broad theoretical perspectives you’ve encountered in this course:

o Structural-functionalism

o Symbolic interactionism

o Conflict theory

o Role theory

o Structural-strain theory

o Labeling theory

o Social constructionism

o Dramaturgical theory

• Apply at least one of the sociological concepts you have learned in your weekly lessons to the event. In doing so, discuss how you see this concept appearing in the event. Please choose from the following list:

o Social structure

o Power and authority (counts as one)

o Culture o Socialization

o Deviance

o Social identity

o Presentation of self/interaction ritual

o Social change/social movements Your report uses the following form:

• Written essay. If you choose this option, your essay should be approximately four (4) to five (5) pages (~1,000-1,500 words) in length, using size-12, doubled-spaced Times New Roman font with 1″ margins in your document.

For guidance on writing an expository essay, please visit Purdue Owl’s Writing Lab. Use APA Citations as required.

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