Pricing and Distribution Strategy

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Write a 250 to 350-word document sharing the following:

  • A brief description of the product.
  • Target Market and Rationale.
  • Pricing and Distribution Strategy.
  • Plan for Promotion.
  • Why this project would be a good investment.


You can talk about the same content that is written but don’t read it. Impromptu speaking has a different impact than reading from a screen.


Video Link  
Video Files may be uploaded to YouTube and the link shared.  Set as public or unlisted, NOT PRIVATE. Unlisted means your video will not come up in search results.  Only those who know the link can view it, even if they do not have a YouTube account/username.


This listing should be in alphabetical order. Below are a few examples of reference list entries. The following list needs to be removed before you submit the paper.

Journal in online library (be sure that you give the specific library database for journal articles that you have retrieved from the library, e.g., Proquest, EBSCO – Academic Search Complete, EBSCO – Business Source Complete, IBISWorld, etc.):
Last name, Initials. (yyyy of journal volume). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume

 number,(issue number), pages. Retrieved from [insert name of library database]


 Borgerson, J. L., Schroeder, J. E., Escudero Magnusson, M., & Magnusson, F. (2009).

Corporate communication, ethics, and operational identity: A case study of Benetton. Business Ethics: A European Review, 18(3), 209-223. Retrieved from Proquest.

 Book in online library:

Last name, Initials. (yyyy published). Book title. Retrieved from [insert name of library



Johnson, R. A. (2009). Helping really fat dogs. Retrieved from EBSCO eBook Collection.

Newspaper in online library:

 Author last name, first initial. (YYYY, MM DD). Name of article.  Title of Newspaper,

pages. Retrieved from [name of library database].


 Dee, J. (2007, December 23). A toy maker’s conscience. New York Times Magazine, 34-39.

Retrieved from EBSCO – Academic Source Complete.


APA end reference for a website – with author:

Author. (Year [use n.d. if not given]). Article or page title.

            Larger Publication Title. Retrieved from https://urladdress


Shiva, V. (2006, February 12). Bioethics: A third world issue. Nativeweb. Retrieved


APA end reference for a website – with no author:

Title of article. (Year [use n.d. if not given]). Website Title. Retrieved from


Media giants. (2014). Frontline: The Merchants of Cool. Retrieved from



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