Fire Investigators

In this assignment, you will analyze a fire.
You are one of the on-call Fire Investigators for the Jamestown Municipal Fire Department. At 10:00 AM on Tuesday April 3rd you are notified that a structure fire has occurred at 75 South Street. You are assigned to conduct the cause and origin investigation along with your partner Lieutenant Brady.
75 South Street is a three story, two family residential structure located in a residential neighborhood. The dispatcher tells you the fire was in the rear of the building and it took the Fire Department about twenty minutes to extinguish it. The dispatcher also informs you that there is an investigator from the SafeWay insurance company responding to the scene. SafeWay holds the insurance policy for the building.
• Download the PowerPoint with the fire scene photos.
• Analyze the photos to answer the questions in each part.
Part I. The Initial Investigation
1. You have been tasked with conducting a cause and origin investigation. Define “Cause” and “Origin” and provide examples of each.
2. While responding, you and Lieutenant Brady discuss using the scientific method to approach the investigation. What are the steps of the scientific method?
3. You are working for the Jamestown Municipal Fire Department as a public sector investigator. The SafeWay insurance company has sent a private sector investigator. What are the differences between public and private sector fire investigations?
4. Before you arrive on scene, you and Lt. Brady must ensure you are legally entering the property to begin your investigation.

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