Literature Review Matrix Template

Literature Review Matrix Template – BLANK Work document. 2. Literature Review Matrix EXAMPLE Assignment: Over the next three weeks, you will research/identify ten (10) Empirical Research Journal articles relating to your research interest – articles within the last eight (8) years (2014 – present). Your research interest MUST relate to social work, social problems, public health, social policy, public policy, – local, state, or federal policy, etc.) Definition of an empirical study: An empirical research article reports a study′s results using data derived from actual observation or experimentation. Empirical research articles are examples of primary research. Parts of a standard empirical research article: (articles will not necessarily use the exact terms listed below.)

• Abstract … A paragraph-length desсrіption of what the study includes. • Introduction…Includes a statement of the hypotheses for the research and a review of other research on the topic.

• Method …A desсrіption of how the research was conducted, such as: ◊ Who are participants ◊ Design of the study ◊ What the participants did ◊ What measures were used • Results…Describes the outcomes of the measures of the study.

• Discussion…Contains the interpretations and implications of the study. • References…Contains citation information on the material cited in the report. (Also referred to as bibliography or works cited) Characteristics of an Empirical Article: Page 1 of 3 • Empirical articles will include charts, graphs, or statistical analysis.

• Empirical research articles are usually substantial, maybe from 8-30 pages long. • There is always a bibliography found at the end of the article. Type of publications that publish empirical studies: • Empirical research articles are published in scholarly or academic journals These journals are also called “peer-reviewed” or “refereed” publications.

• Some examples of such publications include: • Journal of Social Work Practice • Journal of Psychology • Journal of Social Work Education Practice

• American Journal of Sociology • Sociological Quarterly • Sociological Methods and Research Databases that contain empirical research: (selected list only)

• Academic Search Premier, add these words to your search terms: Method* or research or research design or survey* or data or result* • PsycINFO limits your searches by Form/Content Type to Empirical Study

• ERIC limit to Pub. Type to Reports – Research/Technical Change one dropdown box to Record. This finds REPORTS–RESEARCH. • Sociological Abstracts 2014 – present.

• Sports Discus Change search limit to Level = Advanced for original scientific research Special instructions (when typing/submitting assignment):

A total of 30 articles. The 30 documents must be presented on the SAME word document. Review Matrix Literature Review Matrix Template

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