Case Study on Max is a 43 year-old man

Case Study on Max is a 43 year-old man who has had unstable housing for many years and is currently staying in short-term refuges. He was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 a long time ago, and has had ongoing issues with gambling, to the extent that he is now under a financial guardianship.

1. Develop a recovery plan with a strength-based, client-centred focus and include:
• Goals, strategies and who is responsible for implementing the strategies.
• Identification of risks and reducing risks associated with recovery goals.

2. Answer the following questions:

a) How will you establish a recovery based relationship? You should include a brief description of how you will prepare for the initial meeting or assessment, and how you will communicate the values and principles of collaborative recovery, as well as how you will invite information sharing and define and confirm the collaborative relationship.

b) Describe and elaborate how you will work together to meet the recovery goals.

c) Name at least two (2) potential services you would collaborate with and describe how you will work with them to meet the client’s recovery goals.

d) Describe how you will collaboratively implement and review the plan. Include how you will review and monitor services provided by other organisations and programs.

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