Problem on Constitutional Law

Task Requirements 4:

  • Word Count: 300-400
  • Formatting Style: MLA (for more information click here)

*** Any sources must be properly cited according to the formatting style assigned

Task 2 (Law and International Law)

Order Instructions 

Answer the given problem on Constitutional Law (United States) using the IRAC form.


In the State of Texas, there was a district judge who was notorious for his devotion as a Roman Catholic. Every day, he would attend mass and would pray countless times a day. He is also often seen wearing a rosary around his neck. Driven by his faith, one day, this judge urged a friend in the legislative to pass a state law directing courts to erect a cross at the front of the sala, just behind where the judge sits so that he may be guided by the Lord while he hears cases. Moreover, it was also dictated that every court hearing be preceded by a short prayer to invoke the guidance of God during the proceedings. Is the state law constitutional?


Complete Answer:

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