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You receive a call from Mrs. Reyes who recently suffered a fall in her home and hurt her back. During you initial intake you learn that Mrs. Reyes lives alone. She has one adult daughter who works full time and lives about 20 minutes away. Mrs. Reyes expressed that is nervous about getting in and out of the shower by herself and cannot comfortably stand long enough to cook herself a meal. Mrs. Reyes is no longer able to drive and she needs transportation to medical appointments and shopping. She is on a fixed income and doesn’t think that she can afford to pay for help. Mrs. Reyes does not qualify for Medicaid. She receives Social Security each month as part of her retirement, and a small pension check from her late husband. Mrs. Reyes has Medicare Part A and B for her medical insurance. You complete a home visit and find Mrs. Reyes’ home to be neat and tidy. Her home is small, but comfortable, and is one floor. Other than the two steps to her front door, Mrs. Reyes’ home is completely accessible for a wheelchair. Mrs. Reyes’ home is located on a bus route, however, she would have to walk up a large hill to access the city bus, making bus travel difficult. You can tell from your home visit that Mrs. Reyes takes pride in her home. As she puts it, she and her husband “built this with our own hard work”. She also states that she does not want to “burden” her daughter with her problems. Mrs. Reyes has a large social network through her church and senior center and talks to her friends over the phone regularly. Since she no longer drives, she is only able to go to church when her daughter takes her, and has not been to the senior center in over a month.
1) What is important TO Mrs. Reyes?
2) What is important FOR Mrs. Reyes?
3) How can you help Mrs. Reyes find a balance between what is important TO her and what is important FOR her?

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