Nursing Theories


A nursing theory provides a framework for evidence-based nursing practice and the pursuit of new knowledge.

Course Competency

Identify the major concepts of selected nursing theories


Scenario: You are working as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital that has recently changed ownership. The new owners of the hospital are committed to a culture that embraces evidence-based practice (EBP) and utilizes EBP as a guide for their policies and procedures. The focus on evidence-based practice can be seen as part of the hospital’s mission statement and local advertising campaign which states, “Evidence-based practice: The key to advancing quality and safety in healthcare.” While the hospital’s mission includes the statement: “…to be the healthcare center of choice, through superior clinical outcomes, evidence-based practice-driven protocols, and the advancement of practice utilizing formal and continuing education. “The hospital leadership team has shared that they are beginning the process of applying for Magnet status as a healthcare facility. They have asked for volunteers to serve on a sub-committee to select a nursing theorist as a framework that will be used to guide nursing practice. You have been asked to research the various nursing theorists and select two to present to the leadership team.



From the list provided, select two nursing theorists. Prepare a written proposal that compares and contrasts the two theories and makes a recommendation for which theory would be a better fit for the facility. Please include the following in your proposal: Identify the two selected theorists and briefly summarize each theory. Compare and contrast the two selected theories. Formulate a recommendation for the theorist that best aligns with the facility.

Competency: Identify the major concepts of selected nursing theories.

Select two nursing theorists from the following list to compare and contrast:

  • Jean Watson
  • Patricia Benner
  • Myra Estrin Levine
  • Martha Rogers
  • Dorothy Johnson
  • Betty Neuman
  • Imogene King
  • Hildegard Peplau
  • Margret Newman
  • Nola Pender
  • Rosemary Rizzo Parse


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