WHS Compliance

Assessment Task 1 – Background Report on WHS Compliance under the Act/s

Using the case study company, prepare a report for management on WHS compliance.

In your report outline the key features of the Workplace Health and Safety Act/s and the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations and explain the implications for the following positions in your workplace:

1.     PCBU’s

2.     Officers of the organisation

3.     Managers and supervisors

4.     Workers

5.     Other persons at the workplace

You will need to identify the case study organisation’s jurisdiction and the Act or Acts and regulations that apply and list them.

  1. Identify the codes of practice applicable to the organisation under the WHS laws.

2.     Prepare a WHS presentation for the management team, members of the WHS committee and WHS representatives of the organisation that informs them of:

  1. The Laws, codes of practice etc. that are relevant to the organisation
  2. The WHS Management System including the policies and procedures and how these related to the relevant laws etc. (here you will need to outline the WHS MS as you see it, applying what you’ve learned to the needs of the business).
  3. The importance of sharing information about identified hazards and the outcomes of risk assessment and control.
  4. The process for sharing information with workgroups, the consultative processes and the records that will be kept.

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