You work for a successful financial firm

You work for a successful financial firm with approximately 500 employees.

The organization’s senior management arrives at the conclusion that it would be easier to achieve the strategic goals developed by the Executive Team if the various organizational functions would share information. Shared information would enable them to develop and deploy new action plans and strategic decisions more effectively and efficiently. As a result, the company’s President and CEO have instructed the department heads to ensure their information systems are up to date so that data sharing is possible. The decision has been made by the Vice President of HR and Executive Team to purchase an HRIS software application that would integrate most common business functions including: human resources, payroll, accounting and customer relationship management. You have been selected by your VP of HR to lead this project.

After some discussions with department heads you realize that there are a large number of people (stakeholders/ customers) who will be affected by the new system. Furthermore, you realized how important HR data is to the stakeholders.

Using this background information and the information you have learned thus far, answer and provide insight to the following questions:

1)     Identify, with explanation, two different types of users/customers of the implemented HRIS. Ensure your answer includes at least two different types of HR data each of these users/customers may need. (4 marks)

2)     Identify some of the individuals who would be logical members of the HRIS project team and explain why. (2 marks)

3)     Select one area of the HR function (i.e. recruitment) and make a list of the processes that will need to be documented and tracked during the planning of HRIS design. (4 marks)

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