Nurse is reviewing the computer documentation of a newly licensed nurse

A nurse is reviewing the computer documentation of a newly licensed nurse. Which of the following practices by the newly licensed nurse should the charge nurse identify as appropriate documentation practice?

-Includes quotes from the client
-Documents that the provider wrote an inaccurate prescription
-Makes reference in the nurse notes of completing an incident report
-Remains logged into the chatting system throughout the shift.
45. (36). A nurse is caring residents at a long-term care facility following a tornado. Which of the following task should the nurse delegate to assistive personnel?

-Determine which clients need priority medical treatment
-Answer questions from area residents who have health concerns
-Perform CPR for a client who is not breathing
-Complete distal capacity refill checks for a client who has an open leg wound
46. (35). A staff nurse discovers treatment error made by a nurse on the previous shift. The staff nurse finds no documentation of the error. Which of the following actions should the staff nurse take first?

-Report the error to the provider
-Educate the client for injury
-Complete an incident report
-Notify the nurse manger
47. (32). A nurse is receiving change-of-shift about four clients. Which of the following clients should the nurse ask the charge nurse to reassign to an RN?

-A client who requires tracheostomy suctioning
-A client who requires an eternal feeding
-A client who requires initial education about blood glucose monitoring
-A client who requires irrigation of an indwelling urinary catheter
48.(31). A nurse in a provider’s office is caring for four clients. The nurse should recommend an interdisciplinary conference for which of the following clients?
A. A client who is receiving digoxin and has a heart rate of 98/min
B. A client who has asthma and has a peak expiratory flow rate of 85%
C. A client who had a stroke and has dysphagia
D. A nurse who has sickle cell anemia and reports pain

49. (`29). A nurse is assisting with planning an educational session about time management. Which of the following information should the nurse recommend including in the teaching?
A. Focus on completing least important tasks first
B. Take time at the beginning of the shift to plan clients’ care
C. Set aside time at the end of the shift to complete charting
D. Work through breaks to complete assigned tasks.
50. (23). A nurse is supervising assistive personnel (AP) who is collecting a clean-catch urine specimen from a client. Which of the following actions by the AP indicates an understanding of the procedure?
A. collects the specimen from the initial stream of urine
B. Dons a pair of sterile gloves prior to collecting the urine specimen
C. Stores urine specimen at room temperature for 1 hr following collection
D. Offers the client fluids 30 min before collecting the urine specimen

a nurse is witnessing the informed consent of a client scheduled

for cardiopulmonary bypass. When the nurse asks the client if they understand the risks and benefits of the procedure as explained by the surgeon., the client states. Yes., I spoke with my doctor’s nurse, and they answered all of my questions. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?

-Ask the client if the surgeon’s nurse explained the procedure thoroughly
-Determine if the client has spoken with the surgeon about the surgery
-Check to see if the client has additional question
-Allow the client to sign the consent
42. (41). A nurse in a long-term care facility is reinforcing with a newly nurse about chemotherapy-induced nausea. Which of the following food selection indicates the newly licensed nurse understands the teaching?

-Soft-serve ice cream
-Hot tea
-Raisin toast
-String cheese
43. (40). A nurse in a long-term care facility is serving on a committee that is reviewing recent incident reports. Which of the following situations is an example of an intentional tort?

-A nurse administers a dose of oxycodone to the wrong client
-A nurse injures a client’s skin when she is removing stapies from his knee
-A nurse tells a visitor that a client has a diagnosis of hepatitis C
-A nurse trips over an object on the floor and spills hot coffee on a client.

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