Mr. Patel is a 40 year old male

Mr. Patel is a 40 year old male who requires a below the knee amputation of the left leg as a result of severe ulcers and gangrene. He refuses to have the operation. After the physician explains to him the purpose for the surgery, the risks, benefits and outcomes of the surgery and answers questions that he has, Mr. Patel continues to refuse to have surgery. His family says he is irrational and incompetent and his wishes must be overruled. They want him to have the surgery. Capacity when giving an informed consent is demonstrated when:

The client is given relevant information

The client freely makes the decision

The client gives a written or verbal statement of consent

The client understands and appreciates his/her condition, options and outcomes of the decision made


As stated by the CNO: Conduct that demonstrates lack of integrity; dishonesty; abuse of power, access and authority; or disregard for the welfare and safety of members of the public can be applied to all except:

Accepting sick pay from one facility while working at another

Falsifying research data

Sleeping while on duty

Arriving late to work due to a snow storm


In which circumstance would it be appropriate to disclose personal health information without the patient’s consent?

If the patient is expressing desire to harm himself or others

If the patient has just turned 18-years-old and her parents are requesting the health information

If law enforcement officials are requesting personal health information

If the nurse who cared for the patient in the Emergency Department is asking how the patient is doing



While Sandeep was walking to work an older lady fell on the side walk. Sandeep was aware that there was ice on the sidewalk but did not do anything to prevent the woman from falling. Sandeep:

Could be found guilty of negligence because he owed a duty to the older woman

Could be found guilty of negligence because his inaction resulted in the woman’s injury

Could not be found guilty of negligence because he had no obligation to act in this situation

Could not be found guilty of negligence because he fulfilled his duty

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