Margot Bentley

Who is considered first in line to be a substitute decision maker in a marriage if the client is not capable of making decisions for him/her self?

The client’s spouse

The client’s adult child

The physician

The client’s parent

Sandeep demonstrates his understanding of creating a trusting relationship when he:

Provides care based on the concept of ‘do your best when possible’

Provides safe, competent and knowledgeable care

Provides care according to tort law

Provides uncompassionate care

Margot Bentley was a long-time nurse, working mostly with patients with dementia. She wrote a living will to be followed when she could not make her own decisions about treatment. She was determined not to die a slow, lonely, frightful death like so many of her patients. Mrs. Bentley currently has severe dementia and lives in a long term care facility. She is being spoon fed three times daily. The team arguing that Mrs. Bentley should not be spoon fed made the following point:

This action would respect her living will

Feeding is health care rather than basic care

Refusing to feed Mrs. Bentley would result in beneficence

Mrs. Bentley’s husband and daughter are her substitute decision makers and they want a feeding tube inserted

Burnout is an emotional condition marked by a depletion of mental and physical energy after a prolonged period of stress. Which of the following statements, related to burnout, is the most accurate?

It is caused by a reaction to chronic environmental stressors

The onset is sudden and acute

The symptoms will improve if you leave your job

It results from caring for those who are suffering

Annie, an elderly woman in a long-term care facility, is confused when approached by two nurses who restrain her in a bath chair and proceed to give her a bath without her consent. What kind of abuse is demonstrated in this scenario?


Verbal abuse

Sexual abuse

Physical abuse

Sandeep is an RPN working on a busy surgical unit. During his medication rounds, Sandeep realizes that he has accidentally administered the wrong medication to his patient. The patient has become severely hypotensive and is being transferred to the ICU. Sandeep knows that this act is considered:

An unintentional tort for which he can be considered negligent

An intentional tort for which he can be considered negligent

An incident of battery for which he can be considered legally liable

An accident for which he cannot be considered legally liable because his actions were not intentional

Which of the following is not considered a restraint?

A table fixed to a wheelchair

Secured unit

Seclusion in a time-out room

Half bed rail


The objective of this group is to identify and eliminate potential hazards before anyone is harmed or disabled, and to develop and evaluate policies and procedures that provide guidelines for the institution and direct practice. This group is referred to as:

Risk Management

The Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA)

The Ontario Nurses Association (ONA)

College’s Discipline Committee or Fitness to Practice Committee


To protect himself from negligence cases, what should Sandeep do?

Document according to agency policy only

Familiarize himself with written policies and procedures

Work in a team as much as possible

Follow the client’s requests at all times

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