Incident Based Nursing Peer Review and Whistleblower Protections

According to Clevette and colleagues, examples of unsafe, common disciplinary actions reviewed by boards of nursing include all of the following EXCEPT-

a). Destruction or alteration of patient records, including fraudulent charting and/or signatures and/or replacement of records with intent to mislead or deceive.

b). Physical patient abuse, such as when a nurse hits, strikes, or performs similar physical acts of aggression involving patient contact.

c). Practicing beyond the authorized scope, such as administering medications without a physician’s order. d). Failure to implement safeguards to ensure patient confidentiality and integrity of patients protected health information, violating HIPPA.

2). Rule 217.19 in Texas, Incident Based Nursing Peer Review and Whistleblower Protections provides to the nurse being peer reviewed EXCEPT

a). Minimum protection b). Minimum due process c). Minimum legal representation d). Minimum rights afforded to nurse

3). If a nurse does not agree to the discipline set due to a complaint made against this nurse, after reviewing the proposed agreed order, they can request a-

a). Informal conference b). Formal conference c). Informal hearing d). Formal hearing

4). Common nursing remedial education courses required if a nurse is being disciplined are-

a). medication refresher, ethics, geriatric care, nursing jurisprudence, care coordination. b). ethics course, care coordination, documentation, medication refresher. c). physical assessment refresher, critical thinking, documentation, medication refresher, geriatric care. d). nursing jurisprudence, documentation, ethics, medication refresher, physical assessment refresher and critical thinking.

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