healthcare related incident

What is the term that is used to describe a healthcare related incident or accident that may have possibly led to client harm?

  1. An adverse event
  2. A root cause
  3. A healthcare acquired event
  4. A sentinel event

(2) A nurse recognizes that an adverse event requiring a root cause analysis is:

  1. A near miss error that almost happened
  2. Harm, injury or a complication that occurred to a patient
  3. An injury that is caused by disease
  4. A disaster that caused negative consequences to a hospital

(3) The purpose of a root cause analysis (RCA) is to:

  1. Discover a process flaw
  2. Discover who erred
  3. Discover environmental hazards
  4. Determine basic client needs


(4) A nurse is receiving a patient’s critical lab result of a hematocrit of 22% over the lab. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first?

  1. Give the patient a glass of orange juice and banana
  2. Ensure the the physician is made aware of the results
  3. Write down the results, then read back the results to the lab personnel
  4. Request another nurse to listen and verify the lab results


(5) A nurse participates in quality improvement to decrease hospital admissions for clients who have heart failure. Which of the following should the nurse expect to teach the patient before discharge?

  1. Low protein, low fat diet
  2. Weigh themselves daily
  3. Test the blood glucose daily
  4. Limit the amount of exercise

(6) A nurse discovers that a non-hypertensive client was administered an antihypertensive medication in error. Which of the following should the nurse do first?)

b. check vital signs.

e. instruct the client to remain in bed until further notice.

a. call the provider. (Notify the risk manager.)

d. complete an incident report.
(7) Which type of nursing leadership is most effective when a mass shooting occurs near the hospital and many patients are expected to arrive?

  1. Democratic
  2. Laissez-faire
  3. Autocratic
  4. Referent

(8) The nurse knows to use the Rights of Delegation to properly delegate duties. In addition to the right task and the right supervision, what are the other Rights of Delegation?

  1. Right direction/communication
  2. Right person
  3. Right time
  4. Right circumstance
  5. Right patient

(9) At the beginning of the shift, an RN on a medical-surgical unit is making assignments. Which of the following tasks should be delegated to the LPN? (Select all that apply).

  1. Obtain vital signs for a client who is 30 minutes post-op after an appendectomy
  2. Administer an antihypertensive medication to a client whose B/P is 150/90.
  3. Reinforce the teaching of a client who is scheduled for discharge about his wound care.
  4. Assess the client’s neurological status after receiving tissue plasminogen activator (tPA)
  5. Perform tracheostomy care

(10) A nurse who is licensed in New York and moves to Florida:

  1. Will automatically be grandfathered in as a licensed registered nurse.
  2. May request certification in Florida rather than licensure, so as not to have to retake the NCLEX-RN
  3. Must check Florida’s nurse practice act related to licensure for endorsement
  4. Should contact the American Nurses Credentialing Center to determine whether he or she is eligible to practice in an another state.

(11) A nurse with 2 year’s experience announces, “I just passed my medical-surgical nursing certification examination.” Certification in medical-surgical:

  1. Is granted by the state board of nursing
  2. Denotes that the nurse has passed NCLEX
  3. Recognizes achievement of advanced skills and knowledge
  4. Allows independent nursing practice, often in primary care

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