Automation in network security

Examine and compare the projections stated in the following article to the usage of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and automation in network security, as well as your own additional input and questions.
As a corporation grows and technology improves, the first concern for every organization when  planning and safeguarding its network is security. Network security is one of the few constants in life, and it is growing more dangerous for businesses. Cybersecurity is a growing concern for IT teams since it impacts their networks more swiftly. Security is a crucial issue for all companies, large and small.

Therefore, commercial security arguments are getting more persuasive, and due to the interconnected nature of everything, hacking is becoming more popular than ever. Computer hacking happens daily in some parts of the world, yet most people are oblivious. Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for dealing with these scenarios, which most firms do not have in place. Businesses, especially financial institutions, are attempting to implement them; they are becoming aware of their networks being attacked. Banks are seeking the assistance of third-party security services to ensure the protection of their customers’ money, bank accounts, and personal information.

Enterprises are already addressing data privacy in various ways; nevertheless, there is little doubt that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has significantly influenced many businesses, is not a one-time occurrence (Arbuckle, 2019). A company’s attitude toward data privacy is an opportunity for development and innovation, enabling it to thrive in a global and digital market. Security is a significant concern for businesses and individuals, and security professionals must develop and manage a more secure future.

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