Health Policy and Advocacy (HPA)

Required Textbook:

Research for Advanced Practice Nurses,Second EditionFrom Evidence to Practice By: Magdalena A. Mateo, PhD, RN, FAANPublisher: Springer Publishing CompanyPrint ISBN: 9780826137258, 0826137253eText ISBN: 9780826137265, 0826137261

Health Policy and Advocacy (HPA


Learning Materials for discussion and assignment 1:

1.Chapters One and Four Patton, R. M., Zalon M. L., & Ludwick R,(2015).Nurses making policy: From bedside to boardroom. NewYork: Springer. Chapters One and Four2.ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses, ANA Nursing’s Social Policy Statement, ANA Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice3.Institute of Medicine. (2011).The future of nursing: Leading change, advancing health.4.American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2006).The essentialsof doctoral education for advanced nursing practice.

Discussion 1 due Wednesday, April 14

What is the difference between advocating for health policy directly effecting patients and the community versus advocating for the profession of nursing? Should the nurse health policy advocate only one or the other? How do you imagine the public or legislators would view each set of issues? Assignment 1 due Friday, April 16

Write a 1500 word APA essay reflecting on:

1. The current nursing culture and whether the bar for nursing leadership is set at the individual patient-nurse relationship or the community-nurse relationship. Give examples of each. Use at least three references to support your findings.

2. Review the DNP Essentials and the 2011 Institute of Medicine Future of Nursing Report for statements on nursing leadership in health policy. Identify how these documents define nursing leadership in relation to health policy and the community. Use at least three references to support your findings.

WEEK 2Learning Materials for discussion and assignment 2:1.Chapters 2 and 12 Patton, R. M., Zalon M. L., & Ludwick R,(2015).Nurses making policy: From bedside to boardroom. New York: Springer.2.Chapters 2 and 12Discussion 2 due Monday, April 19Describe the history of the nursing profession as advocates for health policy and the community; compare with one present day nursing leader in you are acquainted with that demonstrates these same attributes.

Assignment 2 due Thursday, April 22

Please submit one APA formatted presentation (PowerPoint®, Prezi®, etc.)identifying and describing what health care or professional issue you are passionate about and relay any advocacy actions you took to influence this issue as well as what action you must follow in the future to evaluate if your efforts have had an impact on this issue. This policy change proposal could be with state Board of nursing, local boards, state representatives, or member of Congress/Senate. The assignment should have a minimum offer scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook


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