According to Beatriz Colomina, early twentieth century

1.According to Beatriz Colomina, early twentieth century modernist architecture was designed as

media that:

a) Produced gendered (and racialized) subjects

b) Offered technological solutionism

c) Used windows as TV

d) Normalized covert racism

2.The concept of “TV as window to the world” refers to:

a) The ways that television offers viewers a way to experience the world outside their home

b) The role of television in the increased segregation of social life and leisure time

c) The global spread of cool media

d) Modernist architectural window walls

3.According to Ewen & Ewen, both films and movie houses in the 1910s

a) Discriminated against immigrants

b) Discriminated against women

c) Provided a cultural bridge into the US for immigrant women

d) Consumerist & heteropatriarchal solutions to immigrant problems

4. Lenticular logics refer to:

a) The laminate lens that brings two images together but makes it nearly impossible to see the

connections between them

b) The programming philosophy of UNIX

c) The covert colorblind racism of post-Civil Rights USA

d) The coding language for images in early computing

5. Engineered inequity is best understood as:

a) The process by which racism is programmed into robots

b) The decisions made by racist and sexist coders and software developers

c) The ways that AI is being designed to challenge racial, gender and economic inequalities

d) The racial, gender and economic ideologies that are coded, programmed and designed into

digital technologies

6. Automated social credit can engineer inequity because

a) Everyone has the potential to earn the same social credit

b) What counts as good behavior tends to be ideologically determined

c) The behaviors that gain credit tend to be hidden

d) Meritorious credit is awarded without bias

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