Company adopting an anti-fraternization policy

  1. Define an anti-fraternization policy.
  2. What employee interests are effected by a company adopting an anti-fraternization policy ?
  3. What employer interests are legitimately advanced by such a policy?
  4. Define insider trading. Discuss the ethical issues involving insider trading.
  5. In no more than two paragraphs, what are the duties of an agent to its principal? In no more than two paragraphs, what are the ethical limitations, if any, on the exercise of these duties? There are ethical limitations that govern the duties of an agent. The agent has to act with the best interest of the principal requirements that are within the authority of the agent. The agent is also limited to make profit or benefit within the matter of agency without tge consent and knowledge of the principal.
  6. Define the teleological and deontological approaches to ethical analysis. Define stakeholder theory.

Dentologicall approaches is an ethical persepctive and theory that is based on obligation and duty. In this theory the specific duties are seen as having the instrict values that do not need additional justification. On the other hand, teological approaches define an ethical theory that is based with wrongness and rightness of actions that have been based with badness and goodness of their consequences.

  1. Identify three types of employee monitoring. In no more than one page, discuss the ethical issues involving each type of monitoring.
  2. Define sexual harassment. Draft a one page policy for your company relating to this issue in the workplace.
  3. Define what constitutes a patent and a copyright. From the public’s perspective, what are the advantage and disadvantages of each?
  4. You are the human resources director at a pharmaceutical company. Draft a one page policy governing the circumstances under which your sales staff, who deal directly with purchasers of your product, can give and receive gifts.
  5. Define whistleblowing. Under what circumstances do you think it is ethically required to be a “whistleblower”?

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