In a game there’s 2 steps

In a game, there’s 2 steps:

  • Step one:​
  • Randomly put the players in pair, let each pair of players play rock scissors and paper. There’re 3 rounds and the players needs to keep playing until there’s one winner (ties are also count in the game)​
  • Step two:
  • The loser in the first step needs to flip a coin, if he or she got a tail, one of the 3 balloons on his or her hangman will pop. The game is over after one player’s hangman’s balloons all popped. The loser of the game needs to do 5 push-ups.​

Please calculate the probability of winning and losing the game separately and include full explanation and steps use grade 12 MDM4U skills, better type than taks photos, thank you so much.

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