A large glycogen molecule is converted

A large glycogen molecule is converted into many smaller glucose molecules. What type of chemical reaction is this?

Question 1 options:





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Based on what you have learned about glycolysis, which kind of poison would most likely directly interfere with glycolysis?

Question 2 options:

A poison that blocks the passage of electrons along the electron transport chain.

A poison that reacts with oxygen and depletes its concentration in the cell.

A poison that binds to pyruvate and inactivates it.

A poison that closely mimics the structure of glucose but is not metabolized.

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What happens to the glucose molecule in the first step of glycolysis?

Question 3 options:

Two phosphate groups are attached and glucose is split into two 3 carbon compounds.

Two glucose molecules are joined by a phosphate group from ATP.

ADP is converted to ATP as two phosphate groups are removed from the glucose molecule.

Two ATP molecules are removed from the glucose molecule as it splits into three 2 carbon compounds.

Complete Answer:

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