An effective operations strategy is vital to gaining and sustaining market leadership

Q1 An effective operations strategy is vital to gaining and sustaining market leadership. Using real-world examples and an appropriate model of operations strategy development, discuss how they have grown their operations. MG6501 – Sample Exam Questions –

Q2 Postponetment and mass customisation are key enablers of contemporary supply chain management. Discuss how markets are better served by adopting such approaches.

Q3 Operations managers must frequently assess the performance of their operations relative to their competitors, and the importance of various aspects of a product/serivce to their customers. Discuss how this might be achieved, and evaluate how subjective/objective and relevant such a method is.

Q4 Inventory holding is costly. Discuss the role of inventory and how the Economic Order Quanitity method can be employed to minimise inventory holding.

Q5 Critically discuss how operations management concepts, models, tools and techniques can be applied as much in a services context as they can in a manufacturing context.

Q6 The ‘Lean’ versus ‘Agile’ debate rages on. Discuss when and where each of these strategies is appropriate, and how they might be combined for effective supply chain management.

Q7 Discuss giving examples, how the model developed by Hayes and Wheelwright can help us to understand the strategic role of operations?

Q8 Critically discuss the relevance of the EOQ model in contemporary inventory management practices.

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