My Hospital Unit: An Evolving Case

My Hospital Unit: An Evolving Case Experience

Engage yourself in this topic by creating your own virtual clinical unit. In what type of unit would you want to serve as a nurse manager?


You will be the nurse manager on the unit. You have to work within this description just as you would if you were nurse manager on a real unit instead of a virtual unit.
1. How do you create your own virtual unit? First, you need to put your description in writing. Respond to the following questions as you describe your unit. Keep a record of the description and then your responses per chapter as you manage your unit


2. Create a floor plan for your unit. Indicate if rooms are single or double and the location of work areas.


  • Name your unit.
  • What services are provided in the unit? (It can be acute care or ambulatory care, e.g., medical [may be sub-specialty such as respiratory], surgical [may be a sub-specialty such as orthopedics], OR, ER, ICU, obstetrics, pediatrics, behavioral health, etc.)
  • What is the size of the unit (number of beds)? What is the size of the hospital (fewer than 100, 100-200, 200-300, more than 300 beds)?
  • Is it an urban or rural hospital? Is it an academic-teaching hospital, private, or government owned?
  • How long have you been the nurse manager?
  • What types of shifts do you have currently on the unit (8-, 10-, or 12-hour shifts, a mix)?
  • What hours/days do you typically work?
  • Briefly describe at least four registered nurses (RN) and four unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP). Decide if you have licensed practical/vocational nurses (LPN/LVN); if so, describe several. In the description, give first names, a description of their personalities, and current performance.
  • You have a unit secretary. Name the unit secretary and briefly describe his or her personality and current performance.
  • You have nursing and medical students on your unit

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