Read this statement and make an informative essay

Read this statement and make an informative essay about it.

Good day. I am Trixie May Sason, and I’m here to inform the public about the benefits of getting the Covid-19 vaccine. The pandemic has had a major influence on practically every aspect of our lives -forcing global economies to stop, altering how we work and interact with our loved ones, and pushing healthcare systems to their breaking point. To stop the virus from spreading, governments all around the world have been obliged to impose several limitations on human activities. COVID-19 is killing people on a very large scale, and no country is excused from the aftermath it brings. As of October 2021, more than 2.7 million across the Philippines had tested positive for Covid-19. In regard to this, 43,586 people were confirmed to have lost their lives to the disease. When a considerable section of a society gets immune to a disease, disease transmission from person to person becomes rare.

As a result, everyone in the community is safe – not just those who are immune. Many scientists believe that herd immunity would be sufficient on completely hindering the disease and administering vaccines on every individual would be a vital part on the process. Recently, Covid-19 vaccination is now accessible to the public in order to avoid this endless cycle of the epidemic. Different companies have worked hand-in-hand in order to create a variety of vaccines catering to the general public – even those with comorbidities. Getting vaccinated means that one should have lower chances of contracting an infection. When a person gets their first shot, their body starts making antibodies against the disease. These antibodies would then aid the immune system in fighting the virus once exposed, lowering the risk of contracting the disease.

To add, all approved vaccines have been demonstrated to be effective in preventing severe illnesses from COVID-19 in tests. If you were to contract the virus, you are unlikely to become seriously ill since you were vaccinated. Lastly and probably one of the factors that matters the most, one can begin doing more once you are fully vaccinated. One can start on doing majority of the activities they’d do and participate in before the pandemic. It is easier to reconnect with friends and family because you’d need not worry on risking getting infected. After almost two years of uncertainty, the vaccine is finally here and readily available, with apparent benefits that should encourage everyone to get the dose. By choosing to be vaccinated, a person can protect not only themselves and their family but the community as well.


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