Make a nursing scenario and nursing care plan about uterine rupture

Make a nursing scenario and nursing care plan about uterine rupture. Sample format:


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NURSING CARE PLAN ASSESSMENT DIAGNOSIS INFERENCE PLANNING INTERVENTION RATIONALE EVALUATION Independent: Subjective: Fatigue related Hyperthyroidism After 8 hours of Monitor vital signs, Pulse is After 8 hours of to nursing noting pulse rate at typically nursing Madali akong hypermetabolic is an over interventions, rest and when elevated and, interventions, mapagod, state with production of the patient will active. even at rest, the patient was pakiramdam ko increased thyroid hormone, display tachycardia (up able to display hinag hina ako ( energy which creates far improved ability to 160 improved ability get fired easily and / requirements. fool very weak)" as reaching to participate in beats/min) may to participate in desired be noted. desired verbalized by metabolic effects. activities. Note development Oxygen activities. patient. Hypertrophy and of tachypnea, demand and hyperplasia of the dyspnea, pallor. consumption Objective: thyroid gland and cyanosis. are increased in occur with hypermetabolic Decreased performance. increased state, potential vascularity. Most risk of hypoxia with activity Jittery of the clinical behavior. manifestations Provide quiet Reduces stimuli result from environment, cool that may Irritability increased room, decreased aggravate agitation, V/S taken as metabolic rate, sensory stimuli, follows: excessive heat soothing colors, hyperactivity quiet music. and insomnia production, Encourage patient Help counteract T: 37.1 increase neuro- to restrict activity effects of P: 108 muscular and and rest in bed as increased R: 22 Bp: 120/80 cardiovascular much as possible. metabolism. activity, and Provide comfort May decrease measures like hyperactivity of nervous energy. judicious touch and promoting the sympathetic cool showers. relaxation. nervous system. Avoid topics that Increased The condition is irritate or upset the irritability of the more often in patient. Discuss CNS may women than men ways to respond to cause patient to these feelings easily

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