You are transporting James a 76-year old gentleman

You are transporting James a 76-year old gentleman who is a low acuity patient and is quite frail. You are taking him unaccompanied from his aged care residential facility to his hearing appointment at the audiologist. His journey is from one inner city suburb to another and the distance is 15kms. James usually uses a wheel chair for ambulation, but he can transfer to a passenger seat in the car. During the vehicle check you identify that the seat belt buckle (clasp) does not always engage.

It only engaged 3 out of the 5 times you tried. You begin the journey with James to the scheduled appointment and you find that the traffic is quite heavy and slow, and heavy rain starting. A few minutes later you notice a police officer redirecting cars via a detour, as there has been an accident at the intersection in front of you. You now believe you will be approximately 20 minutes late to James’ appointment. As the journey length increases, James begins to feel a little anxious and uncomfortable. You notice in the rear-view mirror that he is looking a little pale so you ask James how he is going and he complains of some chest pain and shortness of breath.

You check the GPS and you notice that a major public hospital is only 8kms from your location currently, but it is hard to estimate how long it will take to get there. Fortunately, the police officer directing the detours sees your vehicle and comes over to investigate your circumstance. He then calls an ambulance for James. Shortly after, the ambulance arrives and the ambulance officer asks you what has happened.

1. Document below your handover report on the situation to an ambulance officer using the mnemonic IMIST-AMBO. How would you write it as IMIST – AMBO?

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