write a 600-750 word reflective essay on your process in developing the podcast in Module 3

Midterm Assessment Overview Part 1 For the first part of your midterm assessment, you will write a 600-750 word reflective essay on your process in developing the podcast in Module 3 and in listening to the other podcasts created by your peers. Your essay should have at least five (5) substantial paragraphs— including an introduction, three (3) body paragraphs (a solid paragraph is at least 5 sentences), and a conclusion—about your experience with writing a podcast script. By drawing evidence from your experience with podcasting, you will do a reflective self-assessment and write a well- developed analysis. Consider the following questions in your essay:

What type of podcast did I choose and what was the topic? Why did I choose the podcast format and topic? What evidence did I choose for the podcast? Why did I choose the sources? What did I discover about the topic in developing the podcast? How did I use the writing process as part of my script development? What challenges did I face in writing the script and how did I handle the challenges? How did my script writing relate to formal academic essay writing?

What did I learn from listening to my peers’ podcasts? Include these elements of an essay in your writing: A clear thesis statement regarding creating your podcast and listening to the podcasts of your peers Effective organization Focused support paragraphs that have strong topic sentences Specific examples to support all your main points Analysis of your examples P

art 2 The second part of the assessment includes 25 short questions that are either multiple choice, match the best answer, or true/false. All the questions relate to the conventions that make good writing, such as accurate citations, elements of an essay, research skills, argumentation, and rhetorical analysis. You should prepare by reviewing the materials that you have studied for quizzes in each module. Please note that you will not be allowed to have any notes or materials with you during the midterm. You will need to complete the midterm in two hours.

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