Standard for Practice-Enrolled Nurses

This evening when you report for your shift on to your general medical ward, the charge nurse tells you that you need to assist on the orthopaedic ward.

You have not had any recent experience with orthopaedic patients. When you arrive on the orthopaedic ward, the charge nurse allocates you patients who require special techniques for getting out of bed and who need to do exercises using specialised equipment during the shift. You are not familiar with the techniques or the equipment.

The charge nurse tells you that the patients can explain it to you. Should you accept this assignment and rely on the patients to explain the techniques and equipment to you?

provide 2 rationales for your answer What aspects of the Standard for Practice: Enrolled Nurses (2016) need to be considered in this situation? Please access this document to assist with your answer What action(s) would you take? – provide at least 2 actions

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