List three expense accounts related to payroll

Expenses are costs incurred by an organization in the process of earning revenue during a given time period. Expense accounts have a direct impact on the profitability of an organization.

List three expense accounts related to payroll. Describe when you would expect the account to be cleared to zero. Explain the methods you could use to reconcile these accounts.

Question 2

The organizations’ Controller has received a notice from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) advising that the organization will be changing from an Accelerated threshold 1 remitter to an Accelerated threshold 2 remitter effective with the first pay of the new year. The Controller has asked you to provide an explanation of why this change has occurred.

In addition, she wants to understand how this will impact the statutory remittance schedule. Using the Current Year calendar in the course material, provide specifics of when the remittances are due for the January and February bi-weekly payrolls starting with the first pay date of the new year which is Friday January 5th.

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Question 3

What aspects does the statutory auditor verify with respect to investments

held in the names of nominees? Can a company hold investments in names of nominees? What should the auditor see in this regard?


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